Entry into Newcastle Competition

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Although the HRDCA went into recess for the remainder of the war period, some of the Association's clubs combined to enter the Newcastle competition. These teams were organized by the Maitland District Cricket Club which was formed in 1942 with Bob Brown as President and Cliff Adam as Secretary.

During the 1942-43 season, Maitland teams entered the first and second-grade competitions in Newcastle, where all matches because of wartime conditions were one-day fixtures.

Lorn Park was used as the club's home ground. However the Maitland teams played the majority of their matches in Newcastle, and at one stage there was a break of thirteen weeks between home games for the first-grade team.

The club's two teams contained players from every A grade club in the HRDCA. Among the players who represented in first grade were V Fitzpatrick, J Leacy, A D'Ornbrain, C Johnston, R Macmillan, R Brown, N Mud d, A McGill, F Kent, J Risby, E Kent and J Arthur. There were also three players from Singleton - R Bates, P Bates and E Mumbler. The latter (Eric "Nug" Mumbler) was a popular aboriginal tracker who was renowned for his big hitting and his agile slip fielding,

Neither team made the finals but there were some excellent individual performances. In first grade, Jack Leacy scored 411 runs and Ross Macmillan took 54 wickets at an average of 11.1. In second-grade Iim Lindsay, the captain had a fine all-around performance with 427 runs and 44 wickets, and the veteran Iim Arthur scored 360 runs.