The works will involve the erection of two detached buildings, one for storage purposes and the other a canteen.

A sealed driveway loop, accessible car parking space, landscaping and drainage works also form part of the application.

The matter came before council due to the work being a substantial public project with a cost of works estimated to be $1.89m.

In a report, council officers said the proposal is within the Central Maitland Heritage Conservation Area. “The proposed alterations will see a sympathetic update of the pavilion including upgrades to the change rooms and amenities, new seating, stairs and renewal of external architectural features in a way that ensures that the heritage significance is not adversely impacted,” the report said.

Alterations to grandstand will include: Removal of timber bench seats, re-use of removed timber, installation of new timber seats and the replacement of timber stairs with concrete stairs.

The proposed new buildings are of an appropriate scale, form and architectural style for Maitland Park, Robins Oval and the Mick Hinman Pavilion and will enhance usage of the facility while maintaining the established character, through use of traditional 19th Century forms constructed using contemporary materials.

“Landscaping works will create a tidier, more formal appearance that is consistent with the park’s landscaping and the Maitland Park Masterplan,” the report said.

Cr Mitchell Griffin said this is an exciting development for Maitland and all the groups that use Maitland Park in particular Robins Oval. “It is also respectful to the heritage status of the park,” he said.

Cr Ben Whiting said the development would have a broader impact on the park. “This will have a domino effect in taking pressure off existing amenities,” he said.

“This is not just a win for cricket and soccer users, It’s a win for the whole park and will add, in terms of tidying up the area, to the whole appearance of the park.”